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The Carnot CookBook.

It is terse and simple Java Script outline - designed for frequent updating and easy to follow make recipes. To open a topic click on the chevron (little triangle) and you will see options open. In most cases takes you can click on underlined Recipe item and will go to a Google Spreadsheet with Recipe Details. In some cases not necessary and simply tells you how to make item, e.g. "Oven 450F 20 minutes".

All of these recipes have been tested and made many times. We often include a youTube video.

Nothing soft or flaky here, these are meals and ingredients we use everyday.

> 1 General Helpful Hints
> 2 Ingredients + Garnish
> 3 Breakfast
> 4 Lunches
> 5 Snacks, Hunger Helpers - Satiety Snacks
> 6 Side Dishes
> 7 Entrees Dinner
> 8 Sauces
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