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It is easy to know if your fiber intake is on track - you won't need toilet paper at 30g or more a day. Stools will be firm and you will have a bowl movement near same time every day. Hi Fiber foods help with hunger reduction, and feed the microbiome in you gut. They int-tunr help digest food, and produce other enzymes that likely effect hunger. One negative you develop excessive gas as you increase fiber, but that eventually settles down…

Daily Fiber Required - 18g to 38G

What should I eat to get maximum Fiber content, and not wreck my daily 1,200 calorie budget?

High Fiber Data Mined USDA Database
Fiber Range - 4.5 g/100g to 79g/100g vs Cal-Index

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This is a Fiber data mined version of the USDA database that includes 1008 high fiber selected food items and will help answer that question. The Excel spreadsheet and .csv files of this database can be found in the Download tab. We learned with eight months of the Carnot diet data that Fiber is important to watch, but it is not necessary to track just do best to pick foods that will help get it over 20g per day.

It is possible on a 1,200 to 1,500 calorie Carnot diet to not get the Daily Recommended Intake (DRI) of 25-38g if you only eat foods with Cal-Index below 2.0, or even 3.0, but in most cases you only be short 5-7 grams, and it you pick high fiber foods will meet both your daily calorie budget and DRI for Fiber. Good evidence based science that over 20g Fiber per day reduces risk of many diseases and disorders, and helps make your solid waste factory efficient and healthy.

The histogram to the left is a plot of the 1008 highest Fiber foods in the USDA data base of 7,907 foods. The statistical summary at the bottom shows that the average for this 1008 group of foods is over 10g of Fiber per 100 grams of food compared to 1 - 4 grams per 100 grams seen in summary
Table on home page. The scatter plot to the left shows that high Fiber foods are randomly distributed with peaks at 1.2 and 3.5 Cal-Index. Fiber content does not have a significant correlation to the Cal-Index. As result we need to identify high Fiber winners that also have low Cal-Index and use those winners in your daily menu.

We created this searchable data base to make that search easy. We list the USDA's grams of Fibers per 100g of food as well as the Cal-Index. We have added three additional columns that make selection easy. We include number of calories per gram of Fiber for each food. If you sort on that column, a low number is good and a high number is not too good.

In the next column, we calculate the number of calories to meet the USDA 30g DRI minimum each day. Again if you sort on that column, a high number is not great, and a low number is what we want. You can see when sorted that about 400 of the 1008 items would consume an entire 1,200 calorie per day budget to meet the Fiber DRI. Well known that nuts have High Fiber content, but you would need to

The final column on the right calculates the total grams of the food required to meet the USDA DRI 30g of Fiber each day. We include that number so you can eliminate silly options like all of the Herbs (Rosemary, Sage, Basil etc..) all have very high Fiber content, but you probably are not going to make a meal with 80g of Basil.

Some of my immediate Winners:

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Artichokes hearts - 9.78g of Fiber/100g Cal-Index 0.46
Artichoke hearts take a few minutes to prepare and cook Sous Vide, or en Papillote or steamed. They are loaded with vitamins and are one of Thomas Kellers favorite ingredients - They make any dish or meal a gourmet feast. See Recipes tab.
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Parsnips - 4.9g of Fiber/100g Cal-Index 0.78
Parsnips cut up into small pieces, can be cooked Sous Vide 185F 45 mins, or en Papillote 350F 30 minutes, or boiled. Add few herbs and roasted garlic place in Vitamix or blender and you have mashed potato like dish with reduced calories and great filling taste. The provide a great source of Fiber as well, 200g is 50% of DRI for a woman, and 30% for male. - is considered gourmet cuisine. See Recipes tab.
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Raspberries - 8g of Fiber/100g Cal-Index 0.45
Raspberries add flavor to any Vitamix Drink 5 hearts take a few minutes to prepare and cook Sous Vide, or en Papillote or steamed. They are loaded with vitamins and are one of Thomas Kellers favorite ingredients - These drinks are gourmet and portion controlled. See Recipes tab.
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Blackberries - 8.11 of Fiber/100g Cal-Index 0.43
Blackberries in a Vitamix Morning Drink 5 (see Recipes tab) can provide good source of Fiber with low calorie load.
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Cranberries - 10g of Fiber/100g Cal-Index 0.46
Cranberries give a Drink 5 nice tart flavor, and have very high Fiber content. Cranberries can be pouched Sous Vide at 185F for 30 minutes to make a tasty sweet and tart sauce base for ice cream or turkey dinner or added to fiber shake. See Recipes tab.
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Corn Bran - 79g of Fiber/100g Cal-Index 2.24 - Carnot Fiber Shake
Corn bran comes from the tough outer layer of corn. It has the highest fiber content of any food in the database. Commercial food producers use corn bran as a fiber filler in their foods, and to reduce the caloric value of snack foods, and you can find many cereals in the database that use it to maximize Fiber content. Good ingredient for Drink 5. Can get 5 Lb bag from Amazon. (also see Recipes tab). I make a Carnot Fiber Shake : 200g Kefir (probiotic) add 30g of Corn Bran, + 50g blueberries and 100 g raspberries. Put it in large plastic glass and use hand blender to mix (or nurtrabullet or Vitamix). General Mills, Fiber One Cereal use corn bran and is actually very tasty with 47g of Fiber/100g. Only negative it uses artificial sweeteners that confuse the biomass in your gut.
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Lentils - 30.5g of Fiber/100g Cal-Index 3.53
Lentils, a member of the legume family, and excellent good source of fiber. Lentils also provide good to excellent amounts of six important minerals, two B-vitamins, and protein—all with virtually no fat. The calorie cost of all this nutrition?.See Recipes tab.
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Quest Protein Bar - 17g of Fiber/100g Cal-Index 2.44
Quest Protein Bars are not in database but when I travel I carry these in my briefcase as snack on a plane, or for breakfast. Have tried many other protein bars, and these seem to be highest rated by independent reviews and on Amazon They have 17g to 20g of Protein 180 total calories, and sure work as holdover meal for me. Try putting the chocolate chip cookie bar on parchment paper and microwave (see Amazon review) - very tasty. These bars are based on an high fiber (70%), prebiotic starch sweetener, that is a short chain carbohydrate (isomalto-oligosaccharides IMO). It is naturally produced from a starch source. IMO feeds the microbiome (bacterial biomass) in your gut. Can be purchased from company that makes it (see VitaFiber)

You can sort any column by clicking on small arrows in header. You can search the database by entering search terms in the "Search Filter" box.
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