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Daily Steps for Carnot Diet Plan

Step Zero - Get a personal copy of the Joule the Google spreadsheet, and watch getting started video.

I have been following these steps for over two and half years - has made it easy to lose and maintain my normal weight. I eat what I want and I have as much wine at night as I want, and as long as my Audit is accurate (includes everything) I can predict how much weight I am going to lose or gain with Joule each day. It is up to me what I do each day. I start with a potential 0.5 Lb loss, and as I add items that usually goes to about 0.12 lbs per day. However, when I am in serious weight loss mode have maintained over 0.40 lbs per day. I have maintained a normal BMI (under 25) now for two years down from a BMI of 35.5 (obese).

Step 1 - Wake Up and Record Your Reference Weight for Yesterday.

Every morning between 5AM and 6AM, first thing I always do is weight myself - this is reference weight for the day before and net calories in-calories out and gets logged into CPT in Joule. Keep in mind that maybe both extra solid and liquid waste contribution so always do best to eliminate waste, before stepping on scales. You have been losing weight all night long through two routes, see below.

Morning weight should be stark naked (
NO CLOTHES) after you have gone to bathroom, eliminate all waste.

Use a WiFi scale (See
Carnot Gear Tab) so easy to keep records and record progress. This weight gets entered into Carnot Periodic Table (CPT) for previous day along with calories and what you ate day before with the morning Audit I also often measure my waste belly and hips and included in Morning Joule Audit.

Good News - You have been losing weight all night.

Again you have been You have been losing weight all night long through three routes:

1. Each breath out eliminates water.
2. Each breath out eliminates heat.
3. You entire body radiates heat - it is a Carnot heat engine.

Breathing is the smoke stack for your Carnot Heat Engine. That translates into pounds. I usually lose 2-3 pounds per night. Ok and useful to drink water throughout night, will usually be eliminated by morning.

The graph on right is a one night example. At 8PM weight is 188 lbs, by morning down to 185.5 lbs. Again, don't worry about drinking water during night - drink all you want it will be eliminated by morning.
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Wake up and weight yourself. Do it without any clothes, stark naked, no shoes nothing, after you have eliminated morning waste.

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You lose weight while you sleep. A typical night - I weigh myself before I go to bed and often during the night.

Step 2 - The Morning Carnot Audit with Joule.

I keep Joule as a pined tab on my Chrome browser so always ready to load.

Get some coffee and a morning snack (I usually have a Kifir + Corn Brane + berries because of the fiber). Load up Joule on your computer and review you personal Carnot Periodic Table for yesterday. It takes me less than three minutes per day to audit everything. Once your a Ninja and have developed Caloric Awareness you quickly estimate weights, remember everything you ate, or maybe you have already entered CPT values for day.

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The Morning Audit Takes 3-5 minutes
Joule shows how much weight you should lose based on the audit.

Step 3 - Plan the day's meals with Joule and CDT

Every morning after the Audit and I balance the Carnot books; I sometimes store the days menu as a PDF or can duplicate tab so have a record. However usually I simply store the tabular results in the summary and clear the CDT back to zero (it's like washing the dishes). I start to see how new day is going to pan out.

If I gained weight or missed target day before I may cut way back, and can do test trials on table. I always include wine since I know I will have that, and usually Quest bar. I also include three prunes. I have coffee in AM but no serious calories so do not include. I like variety so might have some sewed sapid and a chicken dog for lunch, or soup or salad.

I also check my
Active Metabolic Rate (AMR), for the previous day, using well known formulas for Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) plus my activity record from a FitBit. If I gained weight I go back to the CDT for yesterday and figure out why, I do best to understand what happened and balance the books. In some cases it maybe because of waste (no bowl movement) or water retention (too much Na), or I just screwed up and ate the wrong thing. The CDT book balance takes five minute with coffee in the morning.

During the day I enter in the CDT log what I am eating and what I plan to eat. I often do a trial balloon before I eat something. For example, maybe I want to have both soup and a Frittata, and fill in what I think am going to eat. You quickly learn that if you are ruthless and honest you lose many pounds per week, if you cheat, you will stay at old levels.

Why does Carnot work ? It works because it is simple, and even if I get busy and have no time to fill out the CDT during the day, it takes a few minutes next morning to catch up, and it forces me to pay attention to details that matter… it is easy to remember or estimate what you ate. After awhile you become
Calorie Calibrated As you add new dishes or recipes they get added into your menu on the CDT. This Video goes though what I do every morning and it takes about 5 minutes. I am now a Carnot Ninja and the CDT is built into my brain, but still need to see the numbers and make sure it all adds up to balanced books. You body and your body weight always tell you the truth…. You need to have a caloric deficit of 3,550 calories to lose one pound, or 7.8 calories per gram. So if you think you had a deficit of 1,000 calories with and activity level of 2,500 calories, you should have lost 0.28 lbs or 127g.
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Humm What am I going to eat today ?

I'll fill in my personal Carnot Daily Table for the day and see ?

Video - The Daily Audit and Morning Flow

The plan has three goals: 1. Rapid and permeant weight loss 2. Turn you into a Black Belt Carnot Ninja so you never gain weight again and remain healthy, finally teach you how to cook fast easy gourmet meals. You will get your Brown Carnot Belt in about 3-4 weeks, after you get past the initial and most difficult period. You will get your Black Carnot Belt when you hit your weight target that proves you have developed the important new skills to manage your health and weight. Lets get started with the four basic steps……

Picking Gourmet Foods: As a brown belt Carnot Ninja, you will become calorie calibrated, develop Caloric Awareness using the Carnot Cal-Index. This is a new skill that you will keep for the rest of your life. Carnot Cal-Index lets you pick healthy gourmet foods that you might eat in any restaurant; Carnot has no special diet foods, shakes or booster bars or gimmicks, just all natural identified foods you pick, cook and eat. People who lose weight with special diets can have dramatic results, but when they go back to "normal" food, they gain it all back. The food you eat to lose weight with Carnot will be the same food you eat for the rest of your life - nothing special about foods other than we do best to make them all gourmet, taste good, and be easy and fast to prepare… We have no gimmicks, but do provide 100's of easy to prepare recipes we have crafted so you do not gain weight. Often these receipts are based on famous chef's receipts from Thomas Keller, to Julia Child.

Cooking Gourmet Foods: You will learn how to make everything you eat taste good with herbs, butter, olive oil, low-fat or high-fat foods, fruits, ice cream, wine, beers are all OK. You will learn the simple secrets of cooking gourmet, using both state-of-art methods used in many restaurants; Sou vides, Vitamix and classic French cooking fundamentals.

Portion Control: You will eat Gourmet dishes, but with one twist, your food will be Portion Controlled. Portion Control is used by near every restaurant, food chain, and food processor in the world, but they do it to control costs not weight. Carnot Portion Control is based on a simple set of rules and is used to manage your Calories-In, your hunger levels, and your health. That means you will always know how many calories are contained in everything you put in your mouth. Again, once trained, you will be a Carnot Ninja and own a new life-long skill, and have Caloric Awareness. Caloric Awareness makes it easy to maintain your weight without doing much, you can eat what and where you want.

Activity Control: You will learn to monitor your activity levels, calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) as well as your Active Metabolic Rate. Use the new techno gadgets like the FitBit, Pulse, Shine, Basis, Jawbone, FuelBand etc.. ( see PCMag.com Review). I have tried them all and will make my own recommendations. Just like food you get to make your own choices about how you get your activity. The Carnot Diet Plan does not require aggressive exercise to work, but it can help. We call this Carnot Activity Awareness. For example, I know if I walk a mile. I burn 110 Calories, walking that mile represents 2,400 steps for me. I walk at 2.5 miles/hour and do not have to run to lose weight with Carnot, but you can run and exercise if you like.

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