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Tested and Useful Ingredients and Food

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Kirkland Norwegian Farmed Frozen Salmon - We have tried salmon form just about every source - organic from our own fish monger, organic and farmed from Whole Foods, and tested from all of the local fish stores. We concluded that the best quality and lowest fat comes fresh from Norway and is sold by local grocery stores (local Shaws) often for $6.99/lb vs $15-$16 per lb from speciality stores. We discovered Costco has same source fresh salmon - and very tasty for $7.99 / lb plus and frozen in 3 lb bags portion controlled into 200g vacuum packages. The frozen tastes as good maybe better than the fresh.

Frozen salmon has a Cal-Index of 1.70 so 200G filet is about 340 calories. We cook several methods. Use Northwoods, Northwoods Fire (see
Penzies) or 4,3,2,1 spice you make yourself with bit olive oil on top (2g from spray) Olive Oil.

Option 1: Sous Vide in bag 140F, 25 minutes from frozen, add spice oil and broil for 5 mins.

Option 2: Air Fry from frozen - Spice (Northwoods Fire) and spray with 2g oil, 390F 10mins.

Option 3: defrost, spice, 2g oil, Northwoods Fire is great spice, broil in oven 6-7 minutes.

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